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Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Review

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Today, we will be taking a look at Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. I would like to apologize for not posting any reviews for a while. I was busy and forgot to schedule reviews for those days. Next time, I will be sure to inform you on Twitter. As another announcement, our new merch store is out and ready to use. There are 8 days left for the 15% off sale! So now is the time to pick one up!

Story/ErgonomicsThe game's story is simple yet fun. You play as a clone of Morty who is an assistant to Rick as the real Morty and Rick go on adventures. You are kept there, for most of the game, to do chores around the garage. "Chores?! That sounds BORING!" I hear you say. But you forgot, this is Rick and Morty! Nothing is ever boring, all the tedious housework to a Morty is loads of fun for you, trust me. The game plays a lot like Job Simulator so much so it's from the same creators! Now onto the ergonomics, the gameplay is fun and comforta…


DOOM VFR ReviewToday I will take a look at Bethesda's newest game, DOOM VFR for the PSVR and HTC Vive. I will not be looking at the story (As John Carmack once said "Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important. ") but instead be looking at the feel of the game.The overall feel of the game is nothing short of annoying and frustrating. Simple gestures like strafing and throwing grenades are a total nightmare to use. I ended up dropping tens of grenades in the first 10 minutes of playing. I cannot stress enough how much this effects the game. This is going to hurt the review score. The story is OK, but it's great for VR, 
Conclusion I do not like this game enough to pay $60, but fortunately, it is $30. So I would buy it just for the DOOM experience. So that is why I am going to give this game a lower score.

Job Simulator Review

Job Simulator Review Today, I will take a look at Job Simulator mainly for the new update that came out that includes a game mode called "infinite overtime". So here are my thoughts on this Virtual Reality Game.
StoryJob Simulator provides a truly unique experience that isn't exactly clear in the game. In the future, robots open a museum to show how humans used to "job" and provides 4 unique jobs, the office worker, store clerk, gourmet chef and auto repair worker. Each job provides different tasks that you must do and every one is a lot of fun to play. There recent addition "infinite overtime" provides extra longevity having the game at night during your overtime. This game mode gives you plenty of new task which, in my opinion, most of them are better than the actual main campaign. After beating the campaign, you can go back in on any chapter of the game or just play around in the world. This game is definitely fun for all ages. The story, overall,…

Three Year Anniversary of JDK319

Three Year Anniversary of JDK319 This will be a short post, but today is the 3rd year od JDK319. I would like to say a special thank you to everyone who has been supporting us and I hope you can help me last on the internet!

Why People Are Hating on Battlefront II and Could it be the Next Christmas Special???

Why People Are Hating on Battlefront II and Could it be the Next Christmas Special???Battlefront II has been getting lots of negative feedback lately for a good reason. One of the core reasons is for their new "pay-to-win" type policy in that you have to spend money to up your chances of doing well. This is every gamers worst nightmare to see this idea hit the mainstream. The joke about the Christmas special is for the Star Wars fans who know of that movie and how horrible it was. Anyways, another issue is the loot boxes which doesn't fit with Star Wars and is just another way for EA to get their greasy fingers on your money. A smaller issue is their randomness in progression. They don't exactly have a system where you know if you do this, you level up. The pay-to-win principle implemented into the game is the primary reason why people do not like the game. It's the same way how Fallout screwed up with making paid mods, which is a stupid idea as well as greedy. …

PlayStation VR: A PC Gamer's Perspective

PlayStation VR: A PC Gamer's Perspective The 3 main VR systems are Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the PSVR. There is a lot of speculation on which is better and the bigger question, can you really run VR on a console. That is the question I will answer today.
Ergonomics and Price The PSVR fits snug on the head with 2 buttons and a spinner to adjust the headset. The PSVR works
with any PS4 and connects with ease and can be started up in no time. While playing games like Job Simulator, Resident Evil VII, and Surgeon Simulator, I felt no discomfort and the visual quality is quite good. It is comfortable for about an hour (which you would probably be done by then) before it begins to annoy me. Keep in mind, your results may vary. The PSVR's price with the PS Move controller and camera (in late 2017) is 400$ USD. It is marginally cheaper than buying a fancy VR ready graphics card or even a new PC and then buying the Oculus or HTC Vive. The PSVR is cheaper, but remember, you get what y…

Resident Evil 7: How Does It Hold Up Today?

Review:Resident Evil 7 had the promise to go back to its roots (which is a good thing because Resident Evil 6 was a horrible game) and it sure did that. Resident Evil 7 did provide lots of scares, but I really wished they did more puzzles like the puzzle where you light the birthday cake. If they did, I would give them an instant 10/10. Other than that, the game plays really well and even has a VR mode which adds a bit of longevity to the game. They have minigame DLC and a new one coming December called 'Not a Hero'. It was planned to come out way sooner, but it experienced multiple delays. They decided to have Chris Redfield at the end of the game and in the expansion. Chris Redfield was in, most notably, Resident Evil 1,5 and 6.
Story After years of your wife missing, you get a call from her telling where she is. That is where you end up in the mess that is the Baker family. Infected with a new virus in the Resident Evil family, Ethan must find and save his wife. The Expans…

The Evil Within 2 Review

The Evil Within 2 Review
Main Review Upon completion of the game, I found many improvements to this game than the last, so let's get started. The Evil Within 2's controls and overall gameplay feel was a BIG improvement from The Evil Within 1's letterbox display (which was given the option to remove in a late patch) and the feel of controls. But arguably more important, the story showed no corners cut in developing a great story (with some exceptions). The Evil Within 2 starts with Sebastian being brought back to project STEM so he could save his daughter. Although the story is good, The Evil Within 1's is better. If you weigh out the pros and cons of each game, I'd say the two games are equally as good in their own special ways.

Should You Play the First Game? I would recommend playing the first game but it isn't crucial. You can play the second one with no past experience with The Evil Within and probably be fine, but it would be an experience that I wouldn…

Best Games of November 2017

Best Games of November 2017 Here is a list of the top 10 games of November 2017:
10. Call of Duty: WWII
9. DOOM (Switch)
8. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
7. Need for Speed Payback
6. L.A. Noire (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)
5. The Inpatient (PSVR)
4. Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 (Nintendo Switch)
3. Star Wars Battlefront 2
2. Nioh
1. The Elder Scrolls V (Switch)

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Review

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Review
      After playing Wolfenstein 2 (not I haven't completed the game, but I am far), I feel like as much as it is a worthy successor to Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood, I felt like it fell short of the true feeling of Wolfenstein. Other than that, the story is quite good as you start right where you left off making it hard to pick up if you played Wolfenstein: The New Order the day of release. They do give you a recap, but I recommend replaying The New Order so your up to par with the story. And for those who haven't played The New Order, I highly recommend playing that first.
     The gameplay is nearly identical (after the wheelchair bit of course) to the previous and was well done. Definitely, pick the game up for sure.

Mass Effect: Andromeda... Will it Suck?

Many hearts were broken by the horrible ending of Mass Effect 3 and everyone can agree (even the die hard fans can agree, but 99% of the time, they won't want to talk about it). A lot of people have faith that March 21st will be the day that the Mass Effect series will be revived and not the second part to the sh*t-storm of hate by the people who played Mass Effect three (trust me, it wasn't pretty). I have seen all there is to see about this new title. In my opinion, this may just be BioWare's learned lesson because it wasn't good for them when that darn Mass Effect Three came out. Just keep your hopes up! There really isn't any way of telling if the game will be a series revival. But we will see in 7 days! Go check out Mass Effect's site here.