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Mass Effect: Andromeda... Will it Suck?

Many hearts were broken by the horrible ending of Mass Effect 3 and everyone can agree (even the die hard fans can agree, but 99% of the time, they won't want to talk about it). A lot of people have faith that March 21st will be the day that the Mass Effect series will be revived and not the second part to the sh*t-storm of hate by the people who played Mass Effect three (trust me, it wasn't pretty). I have seen all there is to see about this new title. In my opinion, this may just be BioWare's learned lesson because it wasn't good for them when that darn Mass Effect Three came out. Just keep your hopes up! There really isn't any way of telling if the game will be a series revival. But we will see in 7 days! Go check out Mass Effect's site here.