Job Simulator Review

Job Simulator Review

Today, I will take a look at Job Simulator mainly for the new update that came out that includes a game mode called "infinite overtime". So here are my thoughts on this Virtual Reality Game.


Job Simulator provides a truly unique experience that isn't exactly clear in the game. In the future, robots open a museum to show how humans used to "job" and provides 4 unique jobs, the office worker, store clerk, gourmet chef and auto repair worker. Each job provides different tasks that you must do and every one is a lot of fun to play. There recent addition "infinite overtime" provides extra longevity having the game at night during your overtime. This game mode gives you plenty of new task which, in my opinion, most of them are better than the actual main campaign. After beating the campaign, you can go back in on any chapter of the game or just play around in the world. This game is definitely fun for all ages. The story, overall, is very fun.

Ergonomics and Conclusion

You play the game with 2 controllers in your hands and you can use them as hands by pulling the trigger to
grab objects. The experience was comfortable and I didn't feel sick or get headaches throughout the experience. Movement is smooth and it really felt normal for me (which is good). Overall, this game is loads of fun, and if you feel like you want more, PC users can play Rick and Morty: Virtual Rickality. That game is a lot of fun as well.

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