Resident Evil 7: How Does It Hold Up Today?


Resident Evil 7 had the promise to go back to its roots (which is a good thing because Resident Evil 6 was a horrible game) and it sure did that. Resident Evil 7 did provide lots of scares, but I really wished they did more puzzles like the puzzle where you light the birthday cake. If they did, I would give them an instant 10/10. Other than that, the game plays really well and even has a VR mode which adds a bit of longevity to the game. They have minigame DLC and a new one coming December called 'Not a Hero'. It was planned to come out way sooner, but it experienced multiple delays. They decided to have Chris Redfield at the end of the game and in the expansion. Chris Redfield was in, most notably, Resident Evil 1,5 and 6.


After years of your wife missing, you get a call from her telling where she is. That is where you end
up in the mess that is the Baker family. Infected with a new virus in the Resident Evil family, Ethan must find and save his wife. The Expansions provide fun minigames like 21 (but your fingers get cut off when you lose), nightmare and more! Although they are fun for a little while, they don't tend to last long before coming boring or repetitive. The campaign is still loads of fun and each member of the family makes the game harder in a different way.

Does it Hold Up to the Test of Time?

I'm happy to say yes it does! If you haven't played it, this is a definite buy. I wouldn't recommend buying the expansions as they don't add much to the story. But if your really looking for something to play, go ahead and get it.


Here is the trailer for Resident Evil 7. Hopefully, this can give you a visual of how Resident Evil 7 plays. This game is rated M for mature, so if you are a kid, you have been warned.



I gave it an 8.9 because I wanted to see more of the puzzles that make Resident Evil, well, Resident Evil. Hopefully, Not a Hero will have some good stuff in it that will bump up the rating.

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