Far Cry 5 Review

     Far Cry 5 is the newest addition to the Far Cry franchise. It takes place in Montana. You are captured by a religious cult whose leader's name is 'The Father'. There are 3 regions with characters that run them.

Game play
     The game can be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1. The AI in the game was very good, so good it made me rage quit at times. The control layout is standard for an FPS, as usual. But, for PS4, I missed the ability to use the weapon wheel navigation from the touch pad. The weapon wheel is still there, though. The problem is, the game plays too much like the other Far Cry games. I enjoyed it, but I wished it was more seperated from the other Far Cry games. There is a big selection of weapons to use in the game. There is also DLC that you can buy. They don't do very much I don't recommend the DLC very much because of how expensive it is and what liitle it adds to the game itself.



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