New Series Coming Soon!

New Series in Production!

As of today, the filming for my new series has begun. The series is called 'The Last Man on Earth'. It is filmed in a series of logs following my character's mental struggles after he wakes up to see no one is left. You commonly see him claim to hear things. He swears he isn't tampering with the audio and there still are people but they are hiding. He is shown filming and interacting with things that don't exist. He wastes resources like gasoline for his car to power a lawnmower to mow every lawn on the street. He does all of these things to create an environment similar to when people were there. If he ever stops, it could make him go crazy. Watch through the clips as you investigate how he acts and what truly happened on the night everyone left if they even left at all. Not all of the clips are required to understand what happened. For now, I will release a handful of videos (each being very long) and you can scrub through and uncover what happened. And after some time, I will compile the clips into a movie that has extra scenes and commentary to truly explain what lead up to this. I hope you are intrigued by this new concept of film and I hope to see your theories develop and change as more videos release

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