Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review

Article By: Jack Kelly

     After using the Ring Doorbell 2 for over a month now, I would like to share with the world what I think about the doorbell and what I would want to be improved. I have used the Ring Video Doorbell 1, and that is it. So I am not experienced with the Pro and Elite, so you may want to see other reviews so you can be familiar with all devices before you buy


     Setting up the Ring Video Doorbell was a breeze! For this section, I will be describing the hardwired setup process. The device can be used without internal wiring, but I don't recommend it. The first thing I did was to locate my breaker box and shut off the doorbell power. (If you can't find it, don't worry. The doorbell wiring can't shock you. The doorbell works by making a connection between the two wires making the doorbell's chime go off.) Once my doorbell power is off, I unscrew my old doorbell and leave the 2 wires (they should be black and red) out for setup. I then unbox the Ring Doorbell and put on the plate to make my doorbell face the door better (this is included and is optional. It only makes the camera see your entrance better if it cannot facing the regular way). Make sure you route the cables through the circular hole in the bracket first. Then I loosen the 2 screws on the back and hook the copper wires around them. One for each screw (can be in any order). After that, I turn on the doorbell power and screw the doorbell into the wall. If you have a harder surface like brick, Ring was nice enough to include a drill bit for you to secure your doorbell to the wall. After it's all screwed in, you should see the doorbell is flashing a color. Open the Ring app, add a device and the app will guide you through the setup. Make sure the faceplate isn't on yet so you can press the button located under it for setup. Overall Ring setup was easy and provided thorough instructions for setup, so I commend them for that.


The Ring has a wide and tall field of view (exact details here) and can be accessed anywhere at any time. If you hardwired it, it uses the cables to constantly charge it and it works with your chime, meaning you won't have to buy Ring's chime. The doorbell works with Alexa meaning you can say phrases like 'Alexa, show the front door'. And just recently, they added the ability to talk to people through the Alexa skill, which for some reason you could only do through your phone for a while. The doorbell does have a night vision which will turn on automatically which is great for when you

What the Ring camera looks like during the day
get suspicious people ringing your doorbell. The doorbell also has motion detection. You can set zones so when there is movement in those zones, you will get notified. You can also set Do Not Disturb times which is especially nice if you have an infant that you don't want to have wake up during nap time. Overall, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a big leap forward from the previous model and I highly recommend it if you want that extra layer of security in your home. And if you want to go all out, you can get Ring floodlight cameras and stick-up cams for a full 'ring' of security around your house. You can buy the product here:

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