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Top 5 Smart Home Products

Top 5 Smart Home Products Nest Thermostat      The Nest Thermostat acts just like a regular thermostat, but it allows you to access your thermostat from a phone or echo/google home. The thermostat has a regular nest and the Nest Thermostat E which is cheaper. It has the technology to learn patterns of temperature change to adapt to it. This also can save you money on your Heat and AC bill. SO it literally pays for itself.

Phillips Hue Bulbs      The Phillips Hue bulbs allow you to use your lights with a phone, Echo, or Google Home. All they are are bulbs that connect to a hub. And yes, you will need to buy the hub which retails for $60 on Amazon. But I recommend getting the starter kit which costs $70 and includes 2 bulbs. They have White lights and color lights. They also make lights for different sockets. There is one product they have that I do not recommend which is the light strip. It's too expensive and not worth it. The lights are a bit expensive so I recommend slowly movi…